Symphony Hearing

A company that specialises in high-tech hearing aids



Fonts were already selected for the client as it matched a lot of the print material that was already in circulation:

  • Dax
  • Roboto


The brand palette was something we needed to incorporate into the site as it was already in most print material. We worked with Pritesh the marketing director to select the most appropriate web colours that matched the branding.

Integration with Hearing Aid Insurance Provider

We had to take some source code that was provided to us from a hearingd aids insurance provider that allowed Symphony Hearing’s customers as well as other customers on the web the ability to fill out a simple form to get an insurance qoute

Top-Notch Website Hosting

We used Krystal’s Web Hosting platform to allow Symphony Hearings website to load as fast as possible. We also helped them migrate from a different hosting provider as well as migrating the domain & emails which can be a tricky service to get right first time.

Source Code Integration

We code we recieved from the insurance provider was straightforward to integrate wit Symphony Hearing’s website. As such, we were open and honest about it with Pritesh, the marketing director and offered to do this free of charge

Development made easy

World Class Hosting

Why did we chose Krystal? They’re the largest independent UK web host and are rated the best web hosting company by popular review sites. Their one click system takes daily backups, they offer fantastic support and with a few clicks we’re able to create staging sites to test some of our changes which makes life a whole lot easier.

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