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First Call Home Services

We used a remote SEO sprint to catapult a local plumbing business to the top of local search results, First Call Home Services is a small plumbers business that allows its customers to hire a plumber for everything from fixing a leaking tap to installing a new boiler. We worked closely with the owner to create a plan that would deliver a long-term return on investment. Read the full case study by clicking this link.

What My Web Life Did:

  • SEO Plan to rank higher in search results
  • Home Page Design
  • Facebook Marketing Plan
  • Local Number Setup
  • Google Ad Setup
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We are a sales-driven Nuneaton web design company, specializing in website design and SEO. We’ve made it our mission to create seamless web experiences that inspire and drive sales. We work meticulously to ensure you’re happy with the end results.

We may be a freelance company, but we’ve established long-lasting relationships with some large companies around the food, trade and events industries. We’re more than capable to take your ideas to websites that users will like, share and enjoy using.

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Not Sure What Kind Of Website You Need?

Sometimes all you need is a simple website where customers can find out more about your services, availability and some contact information.

For example, a local plumber who needed to get online and rank highly in google. So that he could bring in more revenue for his business.

Check out our work with First Call Home Services where we achieved position 1 on google.

For this kind of website we look to price our services from £299 onwards but we’re flexible with pricing and payment.

A website with a booking system allows you to fully automate your working hours with users able to book, cancel or rearrage their bookings according to the times that you’re available.

You may also have multiple members of staff too each with their own working hours, this isn’t a problem.

Check out our work with Ambi-Smart Plumbing and Heating for which we implemented the above.

For this kind of website we look to price our services from £499 but we’re flexible with pricing and payment.

E-Commerce websites from scratch involve a lot of work to optimise and to create a seamless shopping experience.

From uploading and optimising images, to ensuring a rich user experience on all devices.

As such, pricing for this kind of work starts from £999 but we’re flexible with pricing and payment.

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